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Price & research transducers for the Siemens Antares Ultrasound Imaging Platform.

Antares - PX4-1
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Part Number: 07854149

Siemens Acuson Antares PX4-1
4-1MHz Phased
Applications: Adult Abdomen, Transcranial, Technically Difficult to image, Adult Cardiact, Fetal Echo, OB/GYN, Pediatric Echo, Pelvis, Renal

Specialty Options: Cadence contrast pulse sequencing technology, Cardiac application module

*Multi-D array transducer technology for excellent slice thickness
*Wideband MultiHertz multiple frequency imaging for independent selection of 2D, THI, color and spectral frequencies
*Ergonomically optimized microCase transducer miniaturization technology with SuppleFlex transducer cable

Compatibility: Acuson Antares

UDS is not an authorized reseller nor are we a distributor of newly manufactured Siemens ultrasound equipment
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