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About the Antares®

The Siemens Antares® Diagnostic Imaging platform provides real solutions to each of todays clinical challenges, letting you do more, and do it better. Significant improvements in diagnostic ultrasound imaging have led to an increase in image quality, performance, and diagnostic confidence across the full range of clinical ultrasound applications.



  • Hanafy Lens Transducer Technology: Excellent imaging is achieved by creating a narrow, uniform slice thickness, enhancing performance in all imaging modes.
  • MultiHertz multiple frequency imaging technology: Provides independent frequency selections eliminating the need to change transducers mid-exam resulting in reduced exam time and improved image quality.
  • Advanced SieClear spatial compounding with Dynamic TCE technology: Provides unrivaled detail, contrast resolution, border definition, and speckle reduction in all tissue types.
  • Breast Imaging Application with eSieTouch™ elasticity imaging and Fatty Tissue Imaging technologies: Elasticity imaging provides a live dual image display of standard B-mode image and elastogram; Fatty Tissue Imaging (FTI) improves detail and contrast resolution of fatty breast tissue.
  • Advanced fourSight™ technology: Provides a complete 3D/4D solution, delivering streamlined, intuitive workflow and advanced acquisition, rendering, and post-processing tools.
  • syngo® Auto OB measurements: Semi-automated measurement of four major fetal structures to reduce exam time and operator variability in measurements.
  • Amnioscopic Rendering: A unique surface rendering mode using partial diffusion of light to display accurate, realistic representation of the fetus.
  • syngo® Velocity Vector Imaging™ technology: Provides comprehensive 2D quantative myocardial motion and mechanics.
  • Clarify™ vascular enhancement technology: Improves image quality by reducing noise and clutter, preserving spatial resolution to increase diagnostic confidence and save time on image optimization.
  • TEQ™ ultrasound technology: Reduces exam time and increases clinical efficiency by providing one-button patient specific image optimization for B-mode and spectral Doppler.
  • Cadence™ contrast pulse sequencing technology: Achieves unparalleled sensitivity to contrast agent signals for lesion detection and characterization.

UDS is not an authorized reseller nor are we a distributor of newly manufactured Siemens ultrasound equipment
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